Things to remember before joining yoga

Things beginners must remember before starting out Yoga:-

You might not look as graceful in postures as your teachers- Perfecting a posture takes time and practice. So, don’t try to over-achieve in first few classes.

Tell your teacher about your health issues:- If you have a body ache or any psychosomatic issue please inform your teacher in advance so she/he can be mindful of your needs.

Hire a personal trainer- a group class might confuse you or you might feel under confident or get in competition with the person next to you. The best way to begin is by hiring a personal trainer who can introduce you to yoga and different styles and forms of it so you can later choose which style suits you the best.

Be regular at it:- So you can benefit the most- You might feel like a worn our piece of cloth after the first class because of all the stretching. Remember that your body is experiencing new movements, if you skip classes you will take longer to get accustomed to yoga routine. Being regular will help you and your body adjust to the new routine better.