Tips for Starting Yoga Practice

People who don't do yoga think that yoga is all about licking your own elbows.

Well the truth is Yoga is not about mending and bending yourself so you can put yourself in a box and instagram it.

Here are a few rule for Beginners and shy yogis:-

Respect your body: Do as much as you can. Stretch as much as you can take it. It could be as little as just bending your neck forward and trying to look at your toes. Take it slow, be at it, practice regularly.

It's you and the teacher in the class:

It's a traditional saying that in a yoga class there are only two people. You and your teacher. Rest all is distraction. Do not look at your neighbor, don't compare your pose, your body or anything for that matter with your neighbor. Simply follow what your teacher says.

Gratitude is the new attitude:

You don't have to have faith in something or someone to be grateful. One of the best learning I had on my yoga journey was the attitude of gratitude. Just by saying 'thank you' for every meal... for every little act of kindness that comes your way... simply being grateful to nature. If nothing feels right just be grateful to your parents and teacher. It is because of them that you are able to read this post :)