15 minutes of Mindfulness

What if you do not snooze those 15 minutes on your phone in the morning? You might just buy yourself 15 extra minutes with which you can do 15 minutes of mindfulness.

When you wake up in the morning mind has the least amount of thought (other than 'I wanna sleep just a little bit more'), that is the time when you should take a deep breath in and smile and stretch your body like a baby. When babies wake up from sleep they start with moving their hands and feet, then neck, then they lift their tiny little legs and stretch them and slowly they stretch the whole body. You do the same with a smile on your face (leave the crying for babies).

Keep breathing deeply and stretching and tell yourself

'Each and every cell in my body is happy and healthy'

Yes! this is your morning mantra. Repeat this sentence 10 times with deep breathing and see the magic.

You may now sit on your bed stretch your arms and reach for your bottle of water ( if it's not by your bed side take a walk) have that full one liter of water quickly and now stand and bend sideways with your arms stretched towards the ceiling. Bend 10 times each side.

Smile and have your 'me-time' in the morning and this is your 15 minutes of mindfulness in the morning.

A good morning can lead to a good mood which might just give you the strength to have yourself a good day!